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Technology has changed everything.....

.......It has become integral to the way we work, the way we live, the way we learn.

To compete in the global economy, education, business and government organizations need to improve the quality and relevance of training, increase the frequency of learning opportunities and improve the efficiency of the training process. While traditional methods of training and instruction still have a role in today's technology-savvy world, the adoption of new instructional technologies offers organizations the opportunity to personalize training and learning for each learner as well as reduce training costs.

The traditional learning constraints of time and place have been replaced. The new learner-centric standard is online, anywhere at anytime.

Ready for Change?

Is your organization ready for change?

The Challenge: Each year, organizations spend millions of dollars to train their employees. Traditional training is costly and there is no guarantee that the learners will retain what was taught nor is there sufficient opportunity for the learners to review what they learned or even participate in retraining, if desired.

Understanding and effectively deploying instructional/training technology can be a significant challenge for many organizations. Technological factors, instructional content as well as the behavioral aspects of the learners can impact the success of any instructional or training program.

To deploy a successful instructional program, organizations need to select technology and instructional content within the context of the learner's needs and capabilities. This selection of instructional technology should be matched with the instructional objectives of the organization as well as learner's ability to interact with the content and technology.

The Solution: Choosing the right technology and implementing a learner focused training plan that maximizes the power of the technology will lead to a successful program.

Cut though the hype...get to the facts.

Let J.M. Ahlbrand Consulting assist your organization with your technology research and decision process. We deliver clear, unbiased advice on instructional and training technology as well as a solid plan for deployment and implementation.

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