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General eLearning

Article:  Learning Partnerships in On-line Instruction: Exploring the Possibilities
James J. Cappel, Central Michigan University,
Jonathan M. Ahlbrand, Director ITTI, Michigan Virtual University, 2002

Presentation:  e-Learning. Technology’s impact on Education and Business. Jonathan M. Ahlbrand. Florida Virtual School. SREB Atlanta, February 2004

Presentation: Deployment of e-Learning to Multiple Campuses  Jonathan M. Ahlbrand. Florida Virtual School. MiCTA-Conference, May 2004

Article:  Insights into Alternative Assessment: Portfolio Perspectives -Jonathan M. Ahlbrand, 2007

Article:  OpenSource LMS Considerations: A Reality Check-  Free is Good, Right?...  Not so fast... you better have all of the facts!  K-12 or Higher Ed, This article can help.- Jonathan M. Ahlbrand, 2007


Interview:  In 2011, I was interviewed by Andy White of the Podcasting Advisor Podcast about my use of podcasts in education.

Article: Practical Insights: Incorporating Podcasts into Your Course-Jonathan M. Ahlbrand. 2007

Presentation: Practical Insights: Incorporating Podcasts into Your Course
Jonathan M. Ahlbrand Trends Conference 2007

Presentation:  Beyond Podcasting: Leveraging Audio/Video Technology to Impact Student Learning and Faculty Effectiveness
Jonathan M. Ahlbrand and Elaine Pogoncheff,  Trends Conference 2009

Other Topics

Google Earth Application: The Voyage of Spray and Capt. Joshua Slocum  A Historical Geospatial Application by Jonathan M. Ahlbrand, July 2008.  
A video Introduction can be found here(Note:  This application has been downloaded over 15,000 times and was recently translated into Ukraine)

Google Earth Application: Exploring Watership Down.  The Real Locations of Richard Adams' Classic Novel by Jonathan M. Ahlbrand, January 2009

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