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Great Products and Companies

This is a list of companies and/or products that I use regularly, find indispensable or just plain brilliant.

TechSmith: the maker of SnagIt, Camtasia, Jing and other great tools.

SnagIt: A screen-capture tool so powerful, you will use it everyday!

Jing: Quick and flexible screen-capture coupled with screen video capture, amazing power  FREE

Skype: A highly functional VOIP/Chat/Video Chat tool that is a great replacement for a 2nd phone line.

Blackboard: The most powerful and extensible enterprise  e-learning platform on the market.

IDV Solutions: Geospatial Visual Composite Applications. Truly Amazing Technology

Stormwind:  A brilliant company with an engaging new perspective on IT Training.

Second Copy: The absolute best Back-up utility I have ever used.

Audacity: A powerful, multi-track recording application. It is cross-platofrm and it is free.

Mixcraft: An amazingly powerful and feature-rich multi-track audio recording studio. What you get for the price is unreal.

Blue Yeti Microphone:  Probably the best and most versatile USB microphone available.

Joomla:  The best open-source Content Management System available.

CloudAccess: A Joomla only platform-as-a-service hosting solution.  Their support and customer service is unmatched.

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